Using the services of SSJ
First, we analyze the existing production
system. We review documents, interview plant
personnel, and observe the shop floor. We
examine the following elements:
 1.Product structure.
  Families and production quantities
  Seasonal variations, growth trend,
  and other fluctuations
 3.Process capabilities and capacities.
 4.Production planning and control.
  Methods and effectiveness
 5.Inventory status and policies.
  From raw materials to finished goods.
  Policies, methods and systems.
  Maintenance practices
  Structure, role of supervisors, and
  operator work content
We recommend two or three pilot projects for
immediate implementation, and supply
detailed plans. These projects may affect the
process structure, equipment selection,
materials handling methods, production
planning, and shop layout. We provide a
cost/benefit analysis and estimates of
implementation time and human resource

We monitor progress through periodical plant
visits, during which we provide guidance to
project teams. Once the plant has successfully
completed the pilot projects, we help expand
the activities to an entire production area
When success has been achieved on this scale,
our client is able to replicate it in other
production areas with its own staff, trained by
SSJ experts. 
A sample project plan 
         Year    0      1     2     3
Analyze current system
Pilot projects identified
Undertake pilot projects
Monitor pilot projects
Pilot projects completed
Expand to production area
Monitor expansion
Expansion completed
Train client personnel
Expand to other plants 
       Task 1 : Analyze current system.
      We use three consultants on-site
      for one week.

Task 2 : Undertake pilot projects.
      client project teams undertake
      the projects.

Task 3 : Monitor pilot projects.
      Two consultants visit the plant
      every two months.

Task 4 : Expand to entire area.
      The results of the pilot projects are
      propagated to all cells in the area.

Task 5 : Monitor expansion.
      SSJ experts continue regular visits.

Task 6 : Expand to other plants.
      In-house production experts are used
      to start projects at other plants.

Task 7 : Train client personnel.
      We work ourselves out of the picture
      by transferring our know-how to
      client employees.